Your house should tell who are you and be a collection of what you love

An unexpected industrial oasis camoufled in the heart of Forces of the Marble is our residence, an unpublished concept and out of the lines in the most exclusive resort in Italy. A thousand square meters between red bricks and exposed beams dedicated to the house and every detail: timeless icons overlook from iron and wood shelves and classics of Made in Italy they dialogue with refined furnishings, tech pieces and works of art. No traditional showcase but large windows to filter sunlight and a large outdoor space where green flows the rhythm of the seasons: our home.

We are looking for unique brands, we discover original realities and emerging projects. Curiosity and enthusiasm guide us to the discovery of the world between historical workshops and avant-garde workshops, young fabulous and creative of the past. We take care of the shopping experience in every detail - from cart to packaging - and pen to hand we write postcards from Versilia to each customer as to an old friend.

And if Forte dei Marmi is miles away, now you know where to find it.